England to Etten-Leur

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The transport from Winchester in southern England to Etten-Leur On October 4, 2007 I rented a car ambulance and I drove my father to England through the Chunnel. After a night sag at Peter and Isabel … … we set off … Continued

Fetching at Garry’s

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On September 22, 2007 Peter rented a car trailer and drove with Isabel and Lisa to Garry to pick up the Land Rover. [Kad_youtube url = “https://youtu.be/VIBkAwcWKFk” width = 800 height = 400 maxwidth = 1000] It was a feat … Continued

The purchase on Ebay

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On September 16, 2007 I purchased an old Land Rover Series III LWB (long wheelbase) of 1980 through an Ebay auction. After our family trip to Tanzania in 2006, I was determined that I wanted a vehicle that we could … Continued