We will stay in Morocco

What does Covid-19 do with our trip?

In recent days we have received heartwarming and loving messages via Whatsapp and Facebook from concerned and involved friends and family. This is good for us and in this way we also keep abreast of the circumstances of our loved ones in the Netherlands and Belgium and the rest of the world.

We are following the reports about Corona with increasing concern. At first it seemed to be a flu that mainly occurred in China and northern Italy. Then we thought: “if we take the boat to Savona as planned and continue traveling to the south, we are good“. More and more Corona also appeared to take hold in Europe and after the boat to Italy all ferries to Spain were also canceled. We thought for a while we could reach Spain via Ceuta, but that was canceled too.

So we decided early this week to stay in Morocco for the next two months, until at least mid-May. That is, as long as we are tolerated in this beautiful country.

When we made this decision we were still visiting Hamid and his family in Briech near Asilah. We stayed at this fishing family home and enjoyed the hospitality and cordiality. Partly in view of Covid-19, but especially because we wanted to continue, we continued our travel.

We then left for the Camping International de Mehdia on the beach near Kenitra. We needed some rest, a good shower and a washing machine and this campsite offers these facilities at European level, wonderful. We stayed there for 4 nights, but noticed that the site was getting more crowded with fellow travelers who were also looking for a good place to stay, too busy for us, especially considering the recommendations not to get too much amongst people.

After a few stops we have now arrived at Camping Haven la Chance at the bottom of the desert dunes of Erg Chebi near Merzouga. The facilities here are excellent – clean toilets, hot showers, good WiFi – and plenty of space. Grocery shops are nearby, in short, a great place to stay a little longer.

Are we coming home?

Our house is now our Milady Landy and we will stay here for the time being. The conditions in Morocco are acceptable, the climate is good and above all, we feel good (here).

So, no, for the time being we will stay here, in our Milady Landy, at this campsite, under the sun and we will keep up to date through the media and dear family and friends.

Corona in Morocco

Until a few days ago we noticed little of Covid-19 in Morocco. The last two days have been quieter on the street, the day before yesterday all cafes and restaurants had to close, yesterday it was advised to stay inside as much as possible and from today the country will go into lock-down.

It is now also quiet on the street and where last time, when we stayed at this campsite, camel tours regularly walked by behind the campsite and quads crossed in the dunes, it is now extinct.

At the ATM, yesterday, the keys and screen were disinfected by an employee after each transaction. At the supermarket, the push rod of the shopping cart was disinfected and all employees wore mouth masks and gloves.

Our family and friends

Our children are doing well, all four are still healthy and make the best of sitting at home with less or no work (Michiel and Suzanne in Belgium) and work where possible (Gerben and Rindert in the Netherlands). We receive reports from brothers and sisters that they are healthy and – where applicable – make the most of it in the Belgian lock-down.

We just spoke to my, GJ, two uncles, both over 80+, they and their wives and family are doing well too. Glad we could talk to them via Whatsapp-video.

Friends are doing well, although caring for older family members is becoming more difficult and the economic consequences for work and income are starting to become noticeable.


We wish everyone a lot of strength in the near future, stay healthy or get well through the possible upcoming disease period. We think a lot about you and sympathize as far as possible.

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  1. Hi we are Peter and Elke and met together in Kinetra before Sylvester. We returned as planned on February 5th by ferry to Savona and are glad to be home. Stay where you are, we saw Campers left on the airport of Agadir. In front of Ceuta around 500 Campers are waiting for a ferry to go. Spain has closed frontiers for everybody. A lot of camping sites closed. All camping sites in Spain are closed, campers were sent home the last days. News about the Ceuta disaster can be read on promobil website. Take care, kindest regards from Elke and Peter

    • Hi Elke and Peter,
      Thank you for your messages. We are fine in Merzouga and will stay here for a while as long as the lock down is on in Morocco.
      All the best for you two and your family, Sonja and Gert Jan


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