Disassembly (1)

After eighteen months standstill (some things still had to be done in the house) I started dismantling the Landy in April 2009.

Actually I started this whole adventure by downloading and printing the repair operation manual, a good source for this is: www.landroverweb.com
I OCR-ed the files so they are searchable, now I can take the manual on the iPad or on the laptop and look up possible problems on the go.


The garage handbook, downloaded and printed. Used hundreds of times during the disassembly and rebuilding of the Landy

On April 18, 2009 the first part, the engine hood was off.

De eerste hand is gelegd... de motorkap eraf
The first hand is laid … the hood off
And the next day, the roof off:
daar gaat'ie
here it goes
maar uiteindelijk wel mooi terug op de oprit
but ultimately back in the driveway
And then, before everything goes off, one last ride for Gerben, Rindert and Mike.
“I'am the man..”
“I’am the man..”

In further disassembly I found the usual repair items like door styles, galvanic corrosion (the adhesion of aluminum to steel) and rotted footrests.

de deurstijl en onderkant moeten vervangen worden
the door post and the bottom have to be replaced
hier moet wat aluminium vervangen worden...
here some aluminum needs to be replaced …
stijl iets beter, de voetenbak nog slechter, ook dat wordt vervangen aan beide zijden...
style slightly better, the footwell even worse, that needs replacement on both sides …

And the rear beam had seen better days, the bolts had to be removed with the grinding wheel:

en dat lukt prima
and that works fine

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