Camping in Botswana

During our first two nights in Botswana we had several special encounters.

The first night we spent in Ghanzi, a town on the route from the Namibian border to the Okavango.

Incidentally, about the border, our first African, a special experience. No pictures, that is not appreciated at government buildings. After the ceremony on the Namibian side of the border, fill out an exit form, stamping the passports and in the next window stamping of the Carnet de Passages. Good thing I have read in advance just how things should go so that I can correct the officer as he stamps and writes.
The Botswana side is more complicated, especially because in front of us a group of Chinese entered which apparently lost their passports. Fortunately an official of the exit desk processes our passports. At the customs desk I have to explain the Carnet to the young lady and how to fill it, along with her colleague they manage and soon can I join the pay-desk. We have to pay 270 Pula (approx. € 23) for up to 3 months road tax and insurance.

The road in Botswana, contrary to what the Lonely Planet tells us, are fine, good asphalt for good progress (approx. 85 km/h for Milady).

In Ghanzi we have a broad choice of camp sites, the one in the center of the place is full so we choose the one closest to the city, Thakada Bush Camp, beautifully situated a few kilometers of 4×4 path from the main road.

When after sunset we have a beer in the bar we are greeted by a beautiful illuminated water hole where various animals quench their thirst.


We see wildebeest, impala and gemsbok, which incidentally are also on the menu of the restaurant …

On Thursday we travel further north on the western side of the Okavango Delta. We end up in Guma, but not before we overcome a pretty tough sand road. About 8 km of 4×4 sand road in low gear with pieces where we do not exceed first gear. (I should have reduced the tire pressure!) It was hard work for me as a driver as well as Milady. Also for Sonja it was heavy, she sat in the back of the car as we took a guy who could show us the way.

The camp, Guma Lagoon Camp was simply great! Located directly at the Okavango Delta, beautiful shady places under the bird-rich trees. In the evening we have a good example, an owl perches in the tree above our seats.


It gets too much when the owl decides to use oud bed sheets as a hangout. We don not prefer that and Sonja gets gets the sheets inside.


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