rhino close view, Ithala National Park, South Africa

South-Africa (2) from Swaziland to Lesotho

Swaziland we experience riding particularly with vast landscapes and beautiful nature.

We spend the night at Legends Backpackers camping in the garden, a fine place, but here it is rainy too, we therefore leave early the next morning.
Unfortunately, Sonja today suffers from her stomach and we decide to stop in Piet Retief to rest in a guest house, it’s still raining so camping still is not an option …

Noon and night in bed gets Sonja better so we leave the next morning to Ithala National Park, a tip of Al. The roads in South Africa are fine and around noon we arrive at Ithala.

This is truly a gem among national parks in South Africa, beautiful landscapes, varied vegetation and of course plenty of animals.

On the way on a “loop”, a detour from the main route, we meet Anja and Barry, they are waiting for a herd of elephants on the road …

[Photos by Anja and Barry follow]

The elephants, however, do not intend to get off the road, so after half an hour of looking and listening to the herd we decide to turn back to the main road.

For the night we reserved a spot at the campsite, Anja and Barry also set up their tent there. They are a bit misguided at this camping adventure and have only crackers and cheese spread to eat … we “borrow” them an adventure meal and after dinner we share a bottle of “adventure” wine at our camp fire.
It’s quiet and dry at night and at breakfast we decide to take the 4×4 trail,

with two cars we dare to do it.

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/8aSCayoUscQ” width=800 height=600 ]

We drive the rest of the morning together and look for elephants and other big game. Unfortunately, all large animals are well hidden and as we are on a picnic area to have a drink, Anja commands us: “Guys, let’s go to our cars, there’s a rhino!”

[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/kRWhzi6qEos” width=800 height=600 ]

Late morning we continue towards the coast,

Of Arine we got the address of the Wildebees Ecolodge, Martijn Verbeek is the owner of this beautiful place near the Indian Ocean and St. Lucia. We are the only campers and benefit from a room / house to take a shower and use the toilet.

It’s a lovely spot, but we want more, just see the ocean, so the next morning we drive along the coast with a stop at the ocean

Then we continue our journey to Durban, a busy city that we do not find quite attractive. South of Durban, we find the campsite of the Karridene Protea Hotel where we can camp for 150 Rand a night. Sonja cooks, so we eat in the restaurant and have a beer in the bar. The next morning we take advantage of the good internet from the hotel to update the website, that’s just fine!

Then we leave for Drakensbergen and Lesotho, I want to introduce Milady to the Sani Pass. Down the pass, at Himeville we camp at Goxhill Trout Lodge,

We are welcomed by the owner (a South African), the manager (a Russian) and three dogs, two of which do not part from our side.

From the camp we have a beautiful view of the Sani Pass (to the right of the two pointed hills in the recess to the mountain to its right)

There we go tomorrow ….

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