Christmas with the Children

The idea came up when we earlier were with Suzanne in Mahaba Beach, why don’t we celebrate Christmas all together? No sooner said than done, we spoke with all the kids and decided we would celebrate Christmas together. We managed the tickets, the boys managed their time off.

So at Christmas we are all in Dar es Salam. We fly from Harare and arrive on the 24th at night, Gerben and Jessica come that afternoon and Michiel and Rindert fly from Brussels together and arrive in the early morning of Christmas Day.

The sons of Sadi are with him for Christmas, unfortunately Bea is absent, she resides in France unexpectedly.

The 24th we spend mainly to relax on the beach of Mahaba and making a shopping list. So I get the time to get to know Pieter and I have to say that is all OK ;-), Suzanne and him are really happy together.

Meanwhile Mahaba is decorated with Christmas lights.

On Christmas Day we score fresh crayfish for our appetizer and tuna for main course, all freshly caught by local fishermen near Mahaba.

Rindert took mascarpone from the Netherlands, I use it for the tiramisu.

Everyone helps to cut vegetables and otherwise prepare tonights meal.

Along with Isa and Gerben we clean the tuna, the head and bones for soup, the meat will go on the grill for main course.

In between we record a Christmas message, we are such a delicious crazy club.

When cooking I get alternating help of my sons while Suzanne is mainly involved with the entertainment of the guests at the table.

The evening menu includes:

  • tomato soup (with fish bouillon);
  • crayfish with avocado;
  • grilled tuna with potato mash and a nice rich salad;
  • tiramisu
  • All wetted with a variety of beers and wines

Guests tonight are Sonja and I (Gert Jan) Michiel, Suzanne and Pieter, Gerben and Jessica, Rindert, Sadi and his son Sadi and Junior, Issa and Warda, Gunther and Tina.

The party later even gets cozier with various friends and regulars of Sadi and Bea. Needless to say that it becomes late, the music becomes more exuberant and the spirits flow. Thanks everyone!

The next day is mostly lazy and we spend it cleaning up and bulging.

The 27th, our last day complete, we all go to Mbudya Island with Sadi’s speedboat.

Just enjoy the sea, good weather and nice seafood on the beach.

In the evening we have dinner at Mediterraneo.

Michiael and Rindert fly back the same evening,

Gerben and Jessica stay another week

and we fly back in the evening of the 28th.

Great that we were able to do this all together!

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