Glory Water Pipe

In 2014 we visited Glory orphanage near Dar es Salaam with Suzanne. Then Baba and Bibi (dad, widower and grandmother) had to struggle to get the children clean drinking water, rainwater came closest …
Suzanne then was able to build a water pipe with the help of sponsors from Belgium and the Netherlands (Materials Consult, LievenseCSO and LSNed) and her former employer Art in Tanzania.

Today, November 7, we visited the orphanage. How they have evolved! They built an additional house so that boys and girls have their own rooms, they have a field where vegetables are grown and living standards have noticeably improved. And baba remarried, completely happy.

sonja-2016-11-07_014 sonja-2016-11-07_015 sonja-2016-11-07_016 sonja-2016-11-07_017Thank you to the sponsors again…

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