Mama Sifa Johns orphanage

When we visited Mama Sifa’s orphanage in 2014 with our boxes with toys and a first aid kit as a donation, it was especially busy, small and dark. Lots of little children crowded around us and Suzanne …

Meanwhile Sifa John has built a beautiful new house on a plot of almost one hectare donated by Vodacom. The house is not finished yet, but the space inside is furnished and offers space enough to accommodate the approx. 20 children and caregivers.

Outside there is a barn for the goats, rabbits (only for children to cuddle) and lots of room to play and grow vegetables. This house has a lot of potential and Mama Sifa is proud!

We take a stroll through the garden and see that vegetables are grown, but that there is still a lot of work to do. Especially the water situation still needs to be improved, I think a groundwater pump would contribute to their welfare. We, Suzanne and I will explore the possibilities for this are and promise to do our best to be able to sponsor a water pump, preferably in the form of a windmill.

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