Learning Spanish in Salamanca

A week at school with Enforex

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Sonja and I (Gert Jan) already speak and read some Spanish. I had Spanish lessons in high school when I was 16-17 years old. Sonja took a Spanish course when she was 21-22 years old. During our vacations in Spain we used Spanish for shopping and for basic communication. Because we plan to travel a lot in Spanish-speaking countries in the coming years, we have decided to improve our Spanish.

In recent months, Sonja has been in contact with various Spanish course providers in Spain and has chosen Enforex as the most attractive.

As we traveled through northern Spain, Sonja contacted Enforex again and agreed to start a one-week course on Monday, November 18, 2019.

We arrived in Salamanca on November 16 and I did a small repair on the car on the morning of the 17th.

the parking brake malfunctioned, I dismantled it and refitted it

On the afternoon of the 17th we look for a parking place where we can stay at a 15-minute walk from the school. We walk to school to explore the route.

Then we walk on to the city, despite the rain we fully enjoy all the beautiful places we discover. The Plaza Mayor is busy at the edges but abandoned on the central square.

it rains at the Plaza Mayor

We sleep restlessly because we are both a bit tense for tomorrow. The alarm is at 6:30 a.m. because we need time to have breakfast and have to be at school at 8 am for the intake. We receive an extensive language test in which we are mainly tested for the use of verb forms and general knowledge of the language.

We both have an equivalent result and are classified in an A2 group with 8 other students. Teacher Basi warmly welcomes us and we start working halfway through chapter 6 of the workbook. The first lesson is from 9 am to 10:50 am, then Ana takes over and teaches us from 11:05 am to 1:00 pm. After that we have another hour of conversation lessons.

Tired but satisfied after this intense morning we look for a place to have lunch and find a nice and cozy bar/restaurant, Don Quijote.

After lunch we return to school where we have wifi and where we can do our homework.

At 5 o’clock there is a tour in Salamanca under the guidance of teacher Alexia from our school, students from la Escuela Don Quijote also participate.

The city looks even better now the sun shines.

The most beautiful Plaza Mayor af Spain (according to Ana)

Alexia is a friendly and interesting guide and tells us all kinds of facts about the city and the two universities that are here.

The story of the skull with the frog stimulates our imagination. If you, as a student, discover the frog on the facade of the university headquarters, that will bring you good luck.

We drink a glass of wine in the university bar that used to be the horse stable.

The following days our daily schedule is the same, from 9 to 13, lessons, then an hour of conversation, lunch in the city and doing homework at school. We always participate in extra activities, a “Jamón-Jamón” lecture on Tuesday, an extra hour of vocabulary about Christmas on Wednesday and a film in Spanish on Thursday.

We notice that we understand and speak Spanish better every day. Past tences remain difficult, but it is interesting to understand structures better and better.

On Friday afternoon, after class, we have lunch again at Abadia, on the Plaza Mayor, where we have already enjoyed tapas and a drink on Sunday and Thursday. Also this time we enjoy the delicious food and bottle of wine that we drink, a two-course lunch with dessert, wine and bread for just over € 25 for two and of excellent quality, highly recommended!

During lunch we look back on a very successful week in which we learned a lot of Spanish, in a very friendly environment of teachers and classmates, in a beautiful city that was very pleasant at all times of the day.

We end the week with a visit to the Museo Casa Lis, an Art Nouveau and Art Deco museum, definitely worth a visit if you are in Salamanca!

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  1. Hol, fantastische belevenis! Zou ook es moeten beginnen aan Spaanse les…. En merci voor de leuke adresjes!


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