More than 3 months at home

From the end of May to the beginning of September 2022 we have been at home in the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 3 months. Maintenance was the keyword. Maintenance of our personal contacts, family and friends and maintenance of Milady Landy to prepare her for our great adventure, our journey around the world.

Family and friends

May and June

After traveling for about 8 months it is time to see our family and friends again. We meet our grandson Jules and his dad Michiel and mom Maartje on the Veluwe in our holiday home in Beekbergen. We all enjoy the reunion and the renewed live acquaintance, after all those months of video contact.

On June 2, Michiel and Maartje get married. We enjoy the happy couple, a beautiful sunny day with a modest party.

A little later in June we meet the big ter Haar family. Suzanne and Daoud/David organized a Pentecost weekend together in Pieter and Suzanne’s garden, which is a great success. Brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren and partners, we all enjoy being together, after years when this was not possible.

We spend the rest of the month of June preparing our lecture in De Nobelaer , sorting, filtering and finding all our photo and video material takes a lot of time. But the result is more than satisfactory, about 100 people enjoy a beautiful evening.

At Andee and Machteld we help with painting the house. That’s a lot of work, but thanks to the equipment Andee has available and the good weather, a pleasure to do.

At the end of the month there is a family party of the Van den Berges, all of Sonja’s brothers and sisters are there.


In July we are invited by Suzanne and Pieter, we can stay in their garden house. There we have our own kitchen and bathroom and we install our own bed.

Pieter has asked me to assist with the restoration of his Land Rover One Ten which he recently bought. Among other things, the bulkhead needs to be replaced.

We set up a second tent so that we can work together on our Landies.

While Pieter disassembles the front of his Landy, I can deal with the to-do list I prepared during our northern journey.

Step by step I can cross off the necessary action points. I also visited Robbert Janssen beforehand and we made an action list for the MOT together. I can now finish that list too.

When replacing the timing belt, a big job where the entire front of the engine has to be disassembled, I make a mistake that causes us to come to a standstill after 3km of driving.

Fortunately, besides the timing belt and tensioners, the damage is limited to some bent pushrods and a broken rocker arm.


After 5 days we drive again. And that includes receiving parts by Paddock Spares from England.

Sonja’s annual hiking trip with brother Paul is again a success. Long days walking through the Belgian and French Ardennes with nice conversations and good meals.

Maartje and Michiel have scheduled us for the month of August to work on their new house. The garage must be converted into a utility room, including the necessary pipework.

An annual tradition of Gert Jan with the children is a weekend sailing together. This year we could do that again and we enjoyed it!


This is how the summer flies by, we enjoy our loved ones and catch up with friends. We feel like going out again, seeing a part of the world again.

On September 9, 2022, after more than 3 months at home , we leave the Netherlands with a well-prepared Milady Landy, on our way to a new horizon.

2 thoughts on “More than 3 months at home”

  1. Jullie hebben genoten, maar ook geholpen, familie banden aangehaald; tijd voor neemt de kinderen gedeeld
    Kortom: genoten van elkaar, t leven, familie en vrienden…
    En wij genoten mee via verhalen , foto’s en “ een kijkje wat jullie wilden delen‼️❣️
    FANTASTISCH, ga zo door
    Greetje Jansen-Hartsema 🍀💝🥰


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