Itinerary for 2016

The itinerary for 2016.

In the second half of 2016 we have plans to explore Southern and East Africa with Milady Landy.

Although our initial plan, drive from Etten-Leur to Cape Town will not form now we like to explore Africa with Milady. The political situation in West Africa and particularly in Mali made us decide not to travel this way for the time being, perhaps we can do this challenge next time.

As it looks now, we will ship Milady early July from Antwerp, we will ourselves fly to Namibia at the end of that month and pick her up in Walvis Bay.

Our plan is now to visit the coloured countries during our 6 month trip:

Afrika 2016
The plan for 2016, a journey through Southern and East Africa
It seems just a little piece of Africa, but I think we will not get bored during those months …
ZO-Afrika 2016

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