Iceland (part 2½): Reykjavik, capital with allure

Reykjavik is a capital with allure, but then the allure of a European provincial city.

When traveling through Iceland, a visit to Reykjavik should not be missed. The metropolitan capital of Iceland is home to over 200,000 Icelanders (2/3 of all Icelanders). Later we learn that the city is also a second home for many foreign visitors and workers in the tourist industry.

We visit Reykjavik in one day, we take a city walk of izi.Travel with which we see the highlights of the city. It is a beautiful walk and despite the winter temperatures and the strong wind we enjoy the fine views and funny details that the city walk offers us. We enjoy characteristic older buildings to the modern Hallgrímskirkja and the concert hall.

We walk through cozy streets and see monuments to the heroic Vikings who discovered and reclaimed the island.

Our stay at the Reykjavik Campsite is pleasant, excellent facilities that are well maintained even in these winter conditions. The bus takes us in 20 minutes to the center and because the weather is nice (with a cold wind) we walk back from the city.

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