Shipping the car to Namibia

Shipping to Namibia

Because we regularly get questions about shipping our Milady to Africa, I have listed the relevant information.

We have shipped the car roro via Antwerp with NMT shipping and Sharaf Namibia for clearance in Namibia.
The cost of our car is as follows:

NMT Shippingexchange rate, €1=
Home-Antwerp by truck € 150,00
Seafreight:        USD 1250,- € 1.122,08 $1,11
THC:              EUR 17,50 € 17,50
BL:               EUR 10,- € 10,00
Admin:            EUR 15,- € 15,00
Export doc.       EUR 50,- € 50,00
€ 1.214,58
import Namibiaexchange rate, €1=
documentation fee NAD 2.550,00 € 151,34 NAD 16,85
Namport charges NAD 2.137,20 € 126,84
Local line charge NAD 1.450,00 € 86,05
NAD 6.137,20 € 364,23
 TOTAL € 1.578,81

The sea freight price for our car is higher than “normal” USD 725, because our car is more than 2.55m high.

NMT: Mr. Jurg Schouten jurg.schouten@nmtshipping.comSharaf: Mrs. Mandy Groenewald

NMT also has its own agent in Walvis Bay, but I had already contacted Sharaf.

In addition, Sharaf also works for IMS Shipping in Antwerp, Rajae Touil, I also had a nice contact with her; she was only a bit more expensive than Jurg, and I’m a Dutchman of course ;-).

The clearance was very easy in Walvis Bay and no hidden costs. I only recommend that you take the Carnet de Passages either yourself or via DHL-Express. I sent ours via DHL-Parcel, and that took about 15 days before arriving in Walvis Bay.

A disappointment was also that many things were stolen from our car. You have to deliver the car in the port with keys and the car will remain open until you receive it again in Walvis Bay. So there can be all kinds of quick fingers that can be used for your stuff. So advice is either to lock or hide everything, either in the car or ship in a container.
We had a transport insurance, through our local insurance agent, which covered part of the cost of the lost items …

With regard to insurance, I have concluded an Africa liability insurance with Alessie in NL, which at least covers your liability on top of the standard insurance that you have to get at the borders of various countries. Maria M. Alessie Assurantiekantoor Alessie Eliotplaats 174 3068 VL Rotterdam The Netherlands   tel  +31 10 4 555 946 fax +31 10 4 555 948  

I assume that you have been helped with this.

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