The inventory of Milady on the scale

So, yesterday and today I, Gert Jan, cleared out Milady well and cleaned the inside.

That immediately gave me the opportunity to put the entire inventory on the scale. Then it turns out how much we take on the road, and I have to say, that all seems useful.

Now Milady Landy is our residence, our house on wheels, but more than 500 kg of “loose” stuff, that surprised me.

A summary:

on the roof: about 130 kg of stuff in the various roof boxes, tools and spare parts in the small boxes, summer / winter clothing, camping gear, hilift;


 – kitchen: 116 kg kitchen inventory, food, stocked refrigerator, cleaning utensils;

 – personal care: 73 kg of clothing, pillows and blankets / cloths, bed linen, toiletries;

 – tools: 100 kg, tool case and tools and maintenance stuff stored in drawers;

 – camping: 107 kg, camping accessories such as hoses, cables, reel, awning, chairs and table and also the cushions of the interior space;

 – photo / video / laptop / navigation: 25kg.

Who has advice on weight reduction?

Who travels the world with less?

Other comments?

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