Zigzag through France (part 1/4)

Normandy, Brittany and Paris

Although we both speak reasonable French, we never really got to know France. Paris is Sonja’s favorite city and we can both appreciate French cuisine, but we only visited the country a handful of times.

The Normandy coast

We therefore decide after the impressive days at the Normandy liberation beaches , to experience a little more of La Douce France.

We agreed to meet in Paris, but we still have a few days to spend, so we travel further to Brittany and visit Le Mont Saint Michel, a tourist attraction that was unknown to us. Beautiful and fairly quiet this season.

On the recommendation of Sonja’s former colleague Arno we also stop in Dinan, a beautiful place with many historic buildings.

Femke has asked us if we pass Paris. Of course we will also pass Paris, after all we are zigzagging through France …

But yes, how many highlights can one see in one day, if you have also agreed to have diner at Femke? Quite a lot, turns out after a day and I am not yet talking about the reliving of our 38-year ago kiss …

38 jaar geleden was dit waar wij onze eerste kus aan elkaar gaven, dat moest gevierd worden met…

Femke, the first babysitter of our son Michiel, was happy to see us again, we had a nice dinner together and had a nice chat. We will certainly do the latter again, anywhere in the world, we have promised.

to be continued …

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