A “new” Milady Landy

Our travel car in a younger edition

After our African adventures we decided to make a lifestyle of traveling, we want to see the world from our own car.

We consider the old Milady Landy less suitable for this. In Africa she did well and she is a special travel companion, only if we really want to travel world we also want to have a vehicle in which we can stay inside comfortably.

After considering the alternatives for a long time, our choice fell on a Land Rover, a Defender 130 because of the extra length. We will convert the car into a camper.

Here you can see both cars side by side.

The extra length is practical because of my (Gert Jan’s) physique, after all, I’m 2.03m tall and I need a bed where I can sleep comfortably.

Lifting roof

The car we have equipped with a lifting roof at PSP Expedition Campers. Paul van der Beek is a professional with years of experience in building lifting roofs. This 130 is a new challenge for him with a lifting roof over the entire length of the car. The result is magnificent.

Under the lifting roof is a bed base of 2.15m long so I can sleep comfortably …


I made the interior myself.

First of all, I designed a model in Sketchup.

and this is how it should look like in the car:

This is the Sketchup model.

After Paul finished the roof I could start with the real building of the interior. The material consists of (left over/second life) aluminum profiles on which I have attached poplar plywood.

For the cooker we have opted for a Wallas XC Duo diesel cooker, in addition to the two ceramic heating zones you can also heat the interior with the appliance. A practical device that is also economical in space.

This is the interior as it turned out:

Compact with plenty of storage space. On the left in front of the cupboard, the separate seat has been removed from the back row so the Engel fridge can be placed.

And then we have two spare seats to carry passengers.

1 thought on “A “new” Milady Landy”

  1. Leuk om jullie te kunnen volgen.
    Ik wens jullie een fijne tijd samen en alle goeds voor 2020!!!
    Nog 1 maand en ik stop er zelf ook mee.
    Na 2 weken ga ik dan met een vriendin naar Andalusië, met Hans ga ik een paar weken met de caravan rondtrekken en in september gaan we met z’n 4- tjes ( met Jesse& Ludo) naar o.a. New York en the Amish.
    Veel groetjes, Monique.


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