And then, finally I was able to sort out the cabling and connect all the wires to instruments and lamps.

Landy 2014-01-23_001
Landy 2014-01-23_004

A true puzzle, using the wiring diagram I have labeled all the wires, which was quite a drudgery.

Landy 2014-01-24_001

but finally I was able to find all the wires

Landy 2014-01-26_001

and could start the large installation

Landy 2014-01-28_001
Landy 2014-01-28_004
Landy 2014-02-09_001

In the engine compartment, I installed an electric vacuum pump (which was removed later due to the 200DI engine) and a thermostatic switch for the electric fan.

Landy 2014-04-21_001
Landy 2014-04-20_001

And then the big puzzle of the dashboard was still at issue

Which ultimately succeeded without any left overs;-)

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