Extra lighting

High on my wishlist were extra lights at the front and back of Milady.

The lights I bought through AliExpress, 2 pcs 7″ 36w cree led lights for the front (€ 42.23 per two) and one 4″ 18 W Cree LED Floodlight for the back (€ 27.19 each). You do need to have some patience, sending may take a few weeks, but the quality is fine for additional lighting.

The front lamps I mounted behind the grill, thus they will not affect the Series face too much …

Milady 2016-02-28_002

The light output is excellent, I will place a photo where the lights are in use, but this gives a good idea

Milady 2016-02-28_004

At the rear, I mounted a small light, as a reversing light. Reversing a large unlit car, backing into the driveway and the barn was quite a decent challenge and this way works much better.

Milady 2016-02-28_007

The operation of the lights is in the center panel of the dashboard:

Milady 2016-02-28_001

(the missing blue LED light for rear lamp, was ordered at Radio Beurs in Breda and mounted later).

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