Improved crankshaft pulley

Recently I was stopped green laning with a damaged crankshaft pulley.


During our trip to Morocco in the summer of 2015 and recently during the Spring Rally of the Land Rover club it happened again. When off-roading the front axle touches the pulley with a bang causing the pulley to be dented. In this case, also the V-belt got of the pulley and the standard wide v-belt did not fit anymore. Luckily one of the spectators had a narrow V-belt which has brought me home.

This is the pulley (the old damaged left, right new):

Milady 2016-03-20_001
Milady 2016-03-20_006

On I found the front axle can hit the pulley, and that you should use “bump stop extensions”.


But what you can buy, you can do yourself, right?

Milady 2016-03-20_002
Milady 2016-03-20_007
Milady 2016-03-20_008
Milady 2016-03-20_009

Two layers of black paint and assemble. And this is how it looks with the blocks.

Milady 2016-03-20_010

Later I modified the leaf-hangers into longer 1 ton series hangers.
This is what I ordered at Paddocks:
2x Shackle plate-1ton front threaded
2x Shackle plate-1ton front
2x 1/2″ unf x 5″ bolt + nuts
2x spacer

Now everything is high enough to allow the front shocks to damp sufficiently.

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