The purchase on Ebay

On September 16, 2007 I purchased an old Land Rover Series III LWB (long wheelbase) of 1980 through an Ebay auction.

After our family trip to Tanzania in 2006, I was determined that I wanted a vehicle that we could travel through Africa. After much deliberation I decided it had to be a Land Rover and considering the cost it had to be a Series. After a long search I understood that I had the best chance to get a car in a reasonable condition in England at a reasonable price. I applied at, just with my username that I already had for purchases I had done in the US. Then, just search and …

I decided that my maximum bid would be € 500, around £ 350 at the time and a lot of Land Rovers passed.

On September 16 2007, I was the lucky bidder. I bought this Land Rover Series III LWB 1980 “spares or repair” for £ 255, approximately € 350.
Exciting to see how the car would look… I spoke with Garry that he would leave it in his yard, my brother Peter was living in England and would pick up the car.

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