Dried Fruits

In the dry desert climate of Merzouga I once again took on a new challenge, drying fruits.

At “our” greengrocer we can get bananas, oranges and apples. The oranges are delicious to eat, the bananas are fine for muesli in the morning, the apples are a bit corny, not so tasty to eat.

That’s why I thought it might be possible to dry the apples. On the hood of the Milady I found a great spot in the sun.
The first batch of apples turned out to be a success, delicious to snack on and great for muesli. Next time I also added bananas.

That worked fine, after a day in the sun, delicious dried apple and banana slices.

If it is going so well, let me try tomatoes.

The tomatoes are placed with the apples on baking paper under an anti-slip mat that I still had in the car, which means that the wind can also play freely with the fruits.

The inside of the tomatoes later goes into the macaroni sauce.

In the meantime I prepare a container to store the tomatoes when they are sufficiently dry.

the garlic is drying in the desert sand

After drying, the apples and bananas are placed in a plastic bag and the tomatoes in the container with garlic oil.

1 thought on “Dried Fruits”

  1. Most instructive.
    “Necessity is the mother of invention”.
    Never thought of a Land Rover bonnet being used as a food drying area.
    Well done.


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