Camping at FloJa Foundation in Ngara, Malawi

Our first night we are in Malawi, we find the place through the app iOverlander: FloJa Foundation B&B Campsite in Ngara. We meet a Dutch couple André and Pauline, who run this special place since last March. Near the beach along Lake Malawi, we can set up our tent and again we can enjoy a very nice place in Africa. This time we are not the only campers. Peter and Sandra, a young couple from Germany, with their bikes cycling from Kenya to Namibia, are also there. We met them earlier in Uganda and it is nice to be together again to share our stories. We make an appointment with Paulien to explore FloJa the next morning.

At 5 o’clock in the morning I wake up and enjoy a beautiful sunrise on Lake Malawi. The fishermen are already fishing with their small boats on the lake.

After breakfast we walk around the plot with Paulien. First we pass the chicken coop and pigsty.

Paulien tells us that one of the pigs has recently been fertilized and they obviously hope to have a lot of pigs. Another pig will be sold soon and that’s a way to get some income for the foundation.

The main objective of the foundation: Sustainable education of young children; orphans and poor children are given priority.

FloJa foundation provides nursery education for 88 children (between 3 and 6 years), coming from the nearby community. The education is provided by a local team of teachers from Ngara. The children get two meals a day: breakfast and lunch. The classrooms look, by African standards, very nice. Solid furniture, nicely painted walls and various educational materials, among others English DVDs.

Also special is the fact that the classes of the nursery school consist of approximately 25 children per class.

This way sufficient attention can be paid to the children and this improves the quality of education.

At the time of our visit to the school, all children receive sports lessons. They run from one side of the field to the other side. Then they sing, with the teacher, an English song with a lot of movement in it.

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Next to the school, there is also a vegetable field where vegetables for their own use are grown.

We end the tour with a cup of coffee … and Dutch “pepernoten”!

Thank you, Paulien and André, for the nice time we spent with you!

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