‘HOUDOE’ in Kenya

Rambula Primary school, Kenya

We agreed with Consolata to visit Rambulla on Monday, October 24th. At the petrol station in Ugunja, Consolata gets into our car and we drive to Rambulla along a dirt road. Consolata is the coordinator of Baja foundation in Kenya. I’m sure that some readers know this foundation, it is a foundation, founded by Corrie … Read more

A visit to the hospice Tororo

hospice Tororo, Uganda

On our last day in Uganda we decide to visit the hospice of Tororo. This project of the Okusubira Foundation, we got to know by the family Stoop-de Kruijf. During our trip in Uganda I contact Meta and get a contact in the hospice: Denis. On Saturday, October 22th, we are warmly welcomed by Denis. … Read more

Visit to Mwanza

camping at lake Victoria, Mwanza, Tanzania

In 2012 we visited Mwanza with Suzanne, who was living in Dar es Salaam. That time, we were invited for a visit to Meck Manyana, who we had met in Maastricht in 2007. He followed a management course and through Jane we came in touch with him. We decide to visit him again. We can … Read more

Visit to the library of Tabora

library, Tabora, Tanzania

Because the car is being repaired in the garage, we stay a few days in a hotel in Tabora. The advantage of this is the extra time we have to explore the city .Today we discover the regional library and as I like the library of Etten-Leur, I’m curious about the way things work out in a Tanzanian … Read more

An unusual place to sleep

an unusual camping spot, village, Zambia

Today we want to drive from CrocqValley South Luwanga NP to Isoka. In Lundazi we do some shopping and refuel Milady. A few kilometers further, the road to Isoka seems to be very rough! What a surprise;) We notice that it is practically impossible to reach Isoka before dark. Around 5 pm we decide to stop … Read more