Annemarie and the Kilimanjaro

We sleep on the slope of the Kilimanjaro at TemboTamu lodge, a lovely B & B home stay with Sandra and her partner Frank. The morning after we arrived, I see that the rear fuel tank has leaked a lot, I’ve put a bucket underneath and there is almost a liter in after one night.

Fortunately Frank is also car-mechanic, one of the many we encountered traveling. I get along with him to get the tank out from under the car and we get rid of all caked grease and dirt. Later he manages to detect a friend of him to solder all the seams of the tank on the outside, now the tank really cannot leak. We assemble the tank and fill it with the removed diesel, fine!

The next day Annemarie arrives at Kilimanjaro Airport. We are in contact with her and prepare to pick her up. Unfortunately, her flight is canceled. We have intensive whatsapp and telephone contact with her and Suzanne waiting for her flight to Mwanza and think of all kinds of fall-back scenarios. Eventually Mie books a flight to Arusha airport which leaves at 10:30. We jump into Milady after we message her that we are on the way.

The drive to Arusha goes well though we are still slightly later than expected, just after 12:30 we drive into the parking lot. Unfortunately, Annemarie is not to there yet and we cannot contact her (NL-SIM) nor Suzanne (en route to Mwanza) so we decide to continue waiting. We are a bit uneasy when she is not there at 14:00, but fortunately she finally arrives at three o’clock in the afternoon.

What a wonderful reunion with my only and dear sister. We have lunch together in luxury at the glass project Shanga where people with disabilities get the opportunity to develop.

Then we go shopping at the Nakumat supermarket in Arusha and we drive towards Kilimanjaro. Annemarie is amazed every time, the beautiful landscapes, the many nice people we see, the huts, houses and shops along the way and all the other wonderful things we encounter that already are quite common to us after so many months in this beautiful continent.

 e underestimate our journey somewhat and arrive at Simba farm (farmer Wim “Boer-zoekt-vrouw” we’ve been told) after sunset. We can set up our tent in the yard of the lodge and Annemarie may use the room that we can use to shower.

The toilet is a feast of recognition …

The dinner they serve, three courses with delicious soup, salad, fries and pork ribs and a fruit salad, comes entirely from the farm and is very affordable, even for Tanzania.

After dinner we have a nice Kilimanjaro beer, and go to our well deserved bed.

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