Arusha National Park

From the slopes of Kilimanjaro we head for Arusha National Park. Arranging a phone card for Annemarie takes a little longer than expected. Therefore we decide to drive to the Colobus Mountain Camp Site just outside the Ngongongare gate of the park.

For Annemarie we put up the tent under our roof tent, there is plenty of room for a sleeping mat.

We leave early to the park and detect our first zebras quickly.

The breakneck actions of the Colobus Monkeys, high in the trees, are a magnificent spectacle.

We hold our breath as we can see the Gurdoto Crater beauty.

And baboons on the path show off,

somewhere in the distance, we even find an albino baboon.

When we then stand face to face with giraffes, emotions take over….

The saltwater lake with thousands of flamingos is a wonderful culmination of Annemaries first day in a Tanzanian national park.

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