Ferry to Morocco

Today we drove the last stretch to the ferry to Morocco. We get our ticket at Viajes Normandy in Algeciras, this intriguing intimacy is one of the many ticket offices that we encounter along the way and like the other frequented by Moroccans traveling to Morocco from all parts of Europe. It is our turn quickly and we get a voucher for a free drink at the hotel next door. When we come back, we have to wait, but we get tickets for the 3PM ferry. Then a short drive and we can get in line with other Moroccan-goers, it’s hot and we stand and ride with the doors open.

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-16 14.42.13

The boat leaves a little after three AM and Marc and I join the queue for the Moroccan customs. We are already in the harbor view when all formalities are done, just time for a sandwich.

The arrival in Morocco goes fairly smoothly, wait at customs and I have to report to the police … Marc and Saskia take their first steps on African soil, then we can continue.

Marokko 2015-07_024P

Today we drive to Martil, a seaside town with little to do.

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-16 18.14.37

After we set up the tent we take a stroll along the promenade and wet our feet in the sea, that feels the same as the European sea. We meet Nisrin and Jihad, a Moroccan couple of mid twenties who appeal to us. Nisrin is a talkative and she draws and writes a whole “itinĂ©raire” for us, we drinkour first cup of Moroccan tea with them while she keeps talking. When we finally manage to detach from them, we made a lot of history and a virtual trip through Morocco. At the campsite we take a drink and go back to our tents.

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