Last camping in Spain

At 7:30 the alarm goes off at the campsite in Mazarron, showering in the palace they call a toilet block and delicious coffee with a piece of baguette with it. It is half past nine before we leave and we actually had agreed to meet Bryan at 9:30 … I can hear a bit of him when we meet tust before ten at his house. At 10:20 we are at Ken Sherwood, the garage, with him we discuss the problem and we conclude that there really is nothing to do at this time. A larger fan will solve the problem, but he did not have one, “go get a fan from a Vauxhall … on the scrap yard”, he has one in use as extraction of the spray booth.

Shopping in a foreign supermarket is always an adventure, especially with Marc and Gert Jan in the company.

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-15 22.09.12

The trip goes well, we keep the speed limit and also ask for limited power of the engine so the temperature doesn’t rise too much. This tactic seems to work, today we have no problems. Even as we travel further and longer than we had actually planned, we finally stop at camping Torre del Marat 6 PM, again a true Spanish and cozy camp.

Marc and I commit some maintenance to Milady, adjust the handbrake and hit a piece of sheet metal. Therefore we test the HiLift Jack …

Evening eating out in the town, a lovely Spanish restaurant, but the quantities of food disappoint especially Sonja and Marc.

But the wine was chic…

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-15 22.41.11

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