Major Maintenance to Milady Landy

It started with just greasing…

For the techies among us, I’m interested in whatever someone else needs to do to his/her car while on the road, as you, readers of our blogs, probably also are.

After our first adventure in the desert, Omar, our guide during that trip (see The Moroccan Sahara (1)), recommends that the car be lubricated.

Garage Sahara in Zagora

Around 5 PM we arrive at Garage Sahara in Zagora, the last in the row of garages that offer their services in that street. We are welcomed in a most friendly manner by Abdoul, the workshop manager and co-owner.

I can drive the car above the pit and they start immediately.

Abdoul subjects the car to a thorough inspection and discovers a number of points of attention.

Abdoul: “This gasket must be replaced and there is a hole in the chassis beam where one of the rear stabilizer bars engages. The front wheel bearings have a lot of play and here and there some nuts have been loosened that need to be tightened…”

Gert Jan: “Yes, that should certainly happen, will that be finished today?

A: “Most of it, only tomorrow you have to come back for the welding.”

At 10 pm a lot of work has happened but some bad gaskets have been discovered on the drive shafts, they all have to be replaced to be ready for more desert …

The following morning the welding work is carried out and then the wheels go off to adjust and grease the bearings.

In addition, Abdoul advises to install spacers under the springs to get a little more ground clearance. We will do that too …

Because those spacers have to be made in the city, it all takes a little longer, not entirely what Sonja expected…

Will this turn out right?

At the end of the day everything is put together again and Milady Landy gets a cleaning and we get the bill that turns out to be a bit higher than just for greasing, but good work has been done.

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