Pieterpad day 16, rest day: Doetinchem

We stay two nights at Hotel Villa Ruimzicht, with an exclusive restaurant with a green Michelin star. Wonderfully luxurious and relaxed. Doetinchem is not special, we just go into town for an hour or so. We do have a special encounter today.

Last night we enjoyed the special kitchen of chef Bjorn Massop. A delicious 4-course tasting.

On Monday morning we go into the city of Doetinchem to explore it, which is a bit disappointing and we stay in the hotel for the rest of the day.

the church of Doetinchem
The municipal office
one of the few authentic streets,
the city appears to have suffered considerably from the second world war
blossom in the city garden
a funny barber
the green Michelin star

In the lobby of the hotel we are made to think.

In the course of the afternoon we receive a phone call, Magreet is sitting in the lobby and asking for us. Curious we go down and meet her. She turns out to be a follower of Milady Landy and invites us to their home.

Later in the afternoon we have a drink with Magreet and Wim, fellow Land Rover Defender owners and followers of our adventures. We exchange stories about their and our travel adventures. Very nice to get to know each other in person.

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