The Atlas

We leave early on the way to the Atlas, the roads are narrow, and the landscape changes to mountainous. Every now and then we have a drink in a local pub, that is sodas or coffee or tea. The ride is not too bad, but it’s getting warmer.

Near Azrou, we just had lunch, we enter the forest and pass a group of Barbary monkeys.

Marokko 2015-07_277
Marokko 2015-07_297
Marokko 2015-07_315

Milady is doing well, the fan is standard and we keep the speed up to 80 or limited when climbing. That climb is going well anyway, the 200Di engine runs like a charm and gives excellent traction, very different from last year with the old 2.25 diesel engine in France. We spend the day driving and we enjoy the scenery and the changing landscapes. When we are on the highest peaks, we arrive at the Camp Jurrasique, a hotel and campsite where we were the only campers.

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-21 08.32.23

We are welcomed by the son of the boss and eat potluck, (warm), salad, chicken tajine (for Sonja egg tajine) and a large bowl of fruit. The camp boss hangs around for a chat and to give us tips for the rest of our trip. Marc and I are completely prepared for the trip to the Sahara and the High Atlas, he is a good story teller. He also talks about his bee-keeping, olive grove and other activities and legionnaires who have stayed in the area.
Once we arive back at the tent Sonja and Saskia have cool vermouth and white wine from the fridge (which is doing just fine the way, cool and tasty almost frozen …).

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