The dentist in Walvisbay

Unexpectedly I got to know the dentist in Walvis Bay.
On Tuesday afternoon 2-8 I bit my crown when eating a sandwich. I had this tooth checked in advance in the Netherlands at the dentist because I sometimes experienced slight pain in that tooth. Unfortunately, my Etten-Leur dentist did not notice anything then.

On Wednesday we look for a dentist after we have searched the internet. We end up at the clinic, which is actually a collection of practices (or wachtkamers in Afrikaans), independent buildings, where various specialists practice. The dentist we have in mind appears to have died, so we look for another.
We arrive at Tam-lyn Fox (people call me Tammy), a young woman who runs her own practice with another dentist. She can immediately examine me and immediately has a treatment proposal that can start tomorrow, Thursday and then be completed in a few days. It comes down to a root canal treatment, placing a pen and making a new crown.

When I ask how that can be done so quickly she answers that the crown is made in her own practice on the basis of a 3D image of my teeth. The crown is then milled from porcelain.

After the root canal treatment on Thursday, Tammy works very accurately and professionally, I can come back Friday to see if she can finish it already, but unfortunately the filling is not sufficiently cured yet. We make an appointment for Tuesday.

After our trip to Sossusvlei (see Up and down to Sossusvlei) I am welcome on Tuesday at 11:30 and the pen is placed. Then I can come back at 2:00 pm after which the crown is placed, great how exactly this fits


So now I have a 3D-fabricated Namibian crown in my mouth, who can say that

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