From Swakopmund to Ugab Rhino Camp

Wednesday, August 10

We drive from Swakopmund to Ugab Rhino Camp. The first part of the road to Cape Cross is well motorable gravel road. After a few hours’ drive we arrive at Cape Cross.


This is an incredibly large seal colony. There the seals we saw in Walvis Bay, disappear into nothingness. Hundreds of barking, smelly beasts chilling in the sun or swimming in the sea. A beautiful sight!


After this visit to Cape Cross we take a gravel road to our destination for tonight, Ugab Rhino Camp. Even for MiladyLandy this road is a huge challenge. Especially the last kilometers, we were greeted with big holes and stones in the road. Of course we try to still enjoy the view but for Gert Jan this trip is especially hard work!


Finally we arrive at 17.55 hours at the camp, just after sunset. We are welcomed by a local woman with a baby in her arms. She is very friendly and tells us in the morning can expect a hot shower. Later we will see that her terms of ‘hot’ water does not agree with our interpretation of this;)
We are the only campers and at the tree of the pitch a sign indicates: “Beware of elephant and lions. Camping at own risk. Please do not feed wild animals.” What a wonderful message to read when you’re alone, it’s almost dark and we still have to cook … Still Gert Jan managed to prepare a delicious vegetable stew in our wood fire and we eat it all later in the evening! The whole night I could not resist constantly looking around to check if all was safe. So that night for me was not really super …
In the morning we woke up early and see a couple of kids playing in a pool of water. They have a lot of fun. In our car we have a plastic inflatable toy in the shape of a giraffe. This is a remnant of the celebration of 60 years of Gert Jan GJ suddenly gets the brilliant idea to give this to the children. What a party! Glad to see that this party will attribute this beautiful destination!


At 9.00 we leave for Twijfelfontyn.

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