Finishing the to-do list

During our first part of the world trip (to Morocco) we kept a job list of improvements to the car and equipment.

We took advantage of the corona rest period to finish the list.

A number of jobs speak for themselves, some I describe below:

Cover kitchen

An aluminum cover was missing from the kitchen, this was the action.

In the end we were not so satisfied with the finish of the kitchen worktop, I had made it from aluminum sheet (weight, easy to obtain at the hardware store …). In use this turned out not to be very practical, it dents easily and gives off when cleaning. In addition, there was a connection in the plate because the standard aluminum plate material is only 75x75cm.

That is why I ordered a new worktop, stainless steel, of the right size.

At I ordered a plate with the edges bent:

I bent the bevels myself and made the recesses for the hob and sink.

With the leftovers I made the missing cover on the left and a baking-plate for my dutch oven.

Bed shelf below

When the wind really blows, we experienced that once, then the car is shaking and moving, not really comfortable to sleep under the roof.

We also have a second row of seats where we can occasionally take two passengers. But then they cannot sleep inside.

I therefore slightly adjusted the interior so that we can also sleep at the bottom. Some extra boards and an extra cushion provide the necessary space.

Drawer under the passenger seat

We have replaced the standard Defender seats with comfortable ASS car seats in which we both sit comfortably. We already had these seats in the old Milady and they have therefore let us sit well for many kilometers, we are very happy with them.

Unfortunately, these chairs do not have a removable seat, so the space under the seats is not accessible. I did take that into account, both seats can hinge backwards.

Yet the space under Sonja’s chair appears not to be used in practice. The batteries are located under the driver’s seat, there is still empty space under the passenger seat. I made a drawer in it so that this space can also be used.

Drawers under the rear seat

The space under the rear seat also turns out not to be very easy to use in practice. When the back seat is folded, there are all kinds of stuff on top of it.

During the Land Rover meeting in Switzerland in 2019, I saw a beautifully built-in drawer system on one of the cars. As a result, I was inspired to make my own system under the back seat.

Integrate the compressor

The compressor had been in its carrying case somewhere in the car for years. With the old Milady in one of the luggage compartments on the side, with the new Milady loose between the refrigerator and the front seat. Ultimately, this turned out not to be very practical, rather because it always has to be loaded and unloaded when moving the luggage. But also because the thing is simply difficult to reach when you need it.

After much deliberation about a fixed spot in or outside the car, it turned out to fit very nicely on one of the new drawers under the back seat.

Hanging system for sand plates and jerry cans

The new cargo rails on the side of the car, see my blog Extra outer fabric for the lifting roof, offer many extra options for attaching things.

Deze bevestiging van de zandplaten bleek iets minder praktisch

In addition to a more practical attachment for the sand plates (both on one side of the car), the jerry cans can now also be stored on the side.

These are my building sketches:

This is the result, I am quite satisfied:

N.B. previously the jerry cans were on the roof in a Frontrunner rack, that worked well, but was not practical for me. I kept having to go up on the roof to fill the cans and, because the cans are on their sides, they cannot be completely filled. In addition, the closures will leak when the cans get hot.
The cans on the roof also mean extra height …
Because the cans are now hanging on the side above the tank filler opening, I can more easily fill and empty them.

Rear step

We found the standard Defender step not comfortable enough, it sometimes happened that we missed the step, stepping back.

This step offers sufficient width and can be folded in approximately the same way.

Key locker

It happened once that we had both sets of keys in the car, luckily the back door was still open so I could crawl forward to open the car. That shook us awake …

That is why we have hung a key locker so we can always reach a set of keys…

Fan / heater

I have ordered a new fan control from Landreiziger.

A few hours of work, but thanks to the excellent manual it turned out very well. The fan now blows like never before. Even while driving, the fan blows much more, the windows are demisted faster and the heater provides heat, which is really worth the investment.

a good description for the installation (also available in English)
control block on the fan housing
the new sliding potentiometer for operation
the wires can also be neatly concealed

3 thoughts on “Finishing the to-do list”

  1. Jan, Most interesting thank you for posting. The ‘key safe’. Might it have been better to have mounted that on the chassis somewhere out of sight. I know these things are virtually impossible to break into even with a heavy lump hammer but might the temptation be there for someone to cut the aluminium wall and remove the safe to attempt to smash it to obtain the key? Thus causing unnecessary damage?
    Your sand ladders. They look to be the 50mm fibreglass type. Have you used them much and are you happy with them?

    • Hi Mike,
      I considered putting it on the chassis, but I could not think of a way te keep the dirt out of the digits. That is why I put it on the outside. We will see whether it will stay safe. Thanks for your considerations though.

    • We haven’t used the sand ladders yet. I had steel ones on the old Milady and they were considerably heavier, actually a pain to use. I will update you after we used them…


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