A visit to the hospice Tororo

On our last day in Uganda we decide to visit the hospice of Tororo. This project of the Okusubira Foundation, we got to know by the family Stoop-de Kruijf.

During our trip in Uganda I contact Meta and get a contact in the hospice: Denis. On Saturday, October 22th, we are warmly welcomed by Denis. He tells us that the hospice in Tororo visits patients at home for counseling and medication. The aim is to give the patients a dignified end of life. Also the patients in the hospitals are visited.


Because of the weekend, we unfortunately can not meet the team of the hospice. Denis tells us that, 10 days ago, three Dutch interns have arrived and they would like to meet us. After a tour of the hospice, we leave for the guesthouse, visiting Caro, Loes and Rose. With a cup of tea and ‘stroopwafels’, the three brunettes tell us about their experiences over the past 10 days. Even though they just arrived in Tororo, they are deeply impressed by the work of the hospice in the communities. You can actually track their experiences via facebook: www.facebook.com/brunetteswithoutborders


We decide to have lunch with Denis and buy a Rolex at a stall on the street. Delicious! For non-experts, a Rolex is a pancake filled with an omelet with onion and tomato, rolled up like a wrap. Meta, thanks for the tip!


At 2 PM, we say goodbye to Denis and he promises us to spend our modest donation in a good way. If you want to know more about the foundation, visit their website www.okusubira.nl

In 2012, this foundation has won ‘the BN de Stem development price’, an amount of 5,000 euros.


With this money, a car is bought for the hospice! The newspaper article about the visit of the Stoop-de Kruijf family, shows off on the bulletin board of the hospice!


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